The System

Compatta Light. Everything in its place. 

Compatta Light is a system of mobile shelving for archiving and the intensive storage of light loads such as small parts, consumables, hanging files and pharmaceuticals. 

The operation
The system

The operation

Prepare to get more space for your materials.

Compatta Light is made up of shelving mounted on mobile bases that run on rails, integrated into the floor.

By opening and closing the shelving, it is possible to create aisles which provide access to the stored materials.

+ 90% Increase in storage and archiving capacity

+ 50% Floor space saved 

  • Panoramica 1 - Static shelving system
  • Panoramica 2 - Increasing in storage / archiving capacity with Compatta Light
  • Panoramica 3 - Floor space saved with Compatta Light

The benefits
The operation

The Benefits

So many in just one system. 


1. Functional

Reduce floor space or increase storage/archiving capacity.


2. Adaptable

It can be adapted to fit any type of environment, even those with support pillars or high ceilings. 


3. Versatile

Ideal for the storage of documents, books, maps, magnetic media and paintings or for the storage of light loads such as small items, consumables, hanging garments and pharmaceuticals. 


4. secure

Equipped with accessories and systems which increase the level of security and protection for the stored.


5. Customizable

both the internal accessories and the external panelling can be customized as required.


6. Convenient

Excellent cost-to-storage capacity ratio and low maintenance costs.


7. Efficient

Can be fitted with optional extras that increase efficiency during search, storage and retrieval operations. 


8. Reliable

The available handling systems enable the mobile bases to be opened and closed with ease.


9. Practical

The available handling systems enable the mobile bases to be opened and closed with ease. 

Four models
The benefits

The four models

4 models with 1 goal: efficiency

Compatta Light is available in 4 different models that vary according to: type, dimensions and capacity of the shelving, the drive devices, the height of the installation premises.

Manual opening

The movement of each shelving unit is achieved by pushing against a handle located on the front panel.

Mechanical handwheel

The aisle is opened by turning the handwheel, on the front of the panelling, in the direction required.


The aisle can be opened using a control panel located on the front panel of each mobile base.  In cases where the system can be accessed from both sides, the control panel is installed on both sides. 


In very high-roofed premises, it is possible to extend the advantages of Compatta Light to a second floor, which can be reached via a staircase which connects the two.  These two levels are moved by a single mobile base and the second floor is fitted with walkways, anchored to the sides of the shelving.  This self-supporting structure enables all the available height of the premises to be exploited, therefore optimizing space and offering savings on the cost of installing mezzanine floors.
The Duplex model is available with a mechanical handwheel or can be moved electrically.

The applications
Four models

The Applications

It can be adapted to any situation.  Above all to your needs. 

Reducing aisles to save space or to make more room for your materials. This is the principle at the heart of the Compatta Light mobile bases technology and it can be applied across the board, to any work environment or stored material.

Archiving facility for paper documents such as cards, files, registers, books, folders, hanging files or maps, but also for magnetic media, public institution paintings, libraries, banks and private companies.

Intensive storage of light loads such as the small parts, consumables, work clothing, safety devices, hanging garments and so on that are commonly used in manufacturing and distribution companies.

Archiving of medical records, X-rays and histological samples and the storage of unopened pharmaceuticals, medical and surgical devices.  It can also be used to store the general consumables found in healthcare environments such as hospitals, clinical analysis laboratories and also in companies which specialise in pharmaceutical distribution.

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