To help you save space and money, we have gone all the way.

In an ever-increasingly competitive and global market, and with the cost of owning or renting and maintaining premises on the rise, space has become an even more precious commodity.  Our objective is to help you exploit it to the full.   

Compatta Light allows you to safeguard your materials more securely and efficiently, meaning savings in terms of space, time and money.

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Join forces and grow together.

Here at ICAM we believe in the value of working together.  We believe that by joining forces and skills we can produce results and opportunities.  For everyone.This is the reason why we are looking for partners interested in expanding their product portfolio and increasing business opportunities.We are calling on manufacturers and retailers of storage systems, office furniture and light loads storage, system integrators and suppliers of turnkey logistics solutions, as well as all those who work in any of the sectors related to intralogistics and document archiving and are looking to widen the range of the services they offer.       

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