The structure

At the heart of everything there is always reliability.

The rails

The rails are the floor-based guides which allow the sideways movement of the mobile shelving system.

The number of rails required for each system depends on the size of the mobile bases and the loads that they will carry. 

Recessed into the floor.

These can be installed while the building is still under construction. 

Floor-mounted rails

A raised platform compensates for the height of the rails and creates a uniform internal floor surface with small ramps facilitating access to each aisle.These floor-mounted rails avoid the necessity to carry out additional building modifications.In both cases, however, the rails are perfectly level with the floor surface.               

Runner rails

These enable the wheels on the mobile bases to move.  They are constructed from 30x15 mm flat steel profiles that are mounted on the internal corner of each system block. 

Guide rails

These enable the mobile base wheels to move along the rails. They are made from flat steel profiles with a shaped parallel channel.  There are at least two guide rails for each mobile system and they are mounted on the outside edges of the mobile system. 

The mobile bases

At the heart of the Compatta Light system are the mobile bases: they are the structural elements on which the shelving is mounted and they allow for sideways movement.

Each mobile base is made up of:

- a supporting frame

- a transmission system

- a motorised drive system (in the electric version only) 

From 800 kg
to 1.000 kg The load-bearing weight for each wheel, depending on the model


12.000 kg
Total maximum load 12.000 mm
Maximum length of the mobile bases


The shelving

The shelving is the basic metal structure on which the materials are stored.  It consists of vertical uprights, horizontal connecting and stiffening braces and shelves.

It is also possible to have a mobile system with back-to-back shelving.  Made from two shelving units coupled together with special brackets, this system offers the possibility to create storage compartments of variable heights, without the obligation of having a single shelf height across the entire depth of the shelves.


There are two types of interlocking shelving available:



The section of the uprights that forms the frame is 40x41 mm and T-shaped.  The pitch between trapezoid slots on the upright is every 25 mm and this structure is made from galvanized sheet metal.



This shelving has a regular pitch of 50 mm between slots (though this can be reduced to 25 mm on request and with the use of special hooks).  This shelving is made from painted sheet steel. 

The structure


Beautiful on the outside, versatile on the inside.

The shelving of each Compatta Light mobile system can be equipped with a variety of different accessories to provide the best storage conditions, according to the type of material (books, hanging files, folders, maps, pictures, CDs or magnetic media).  


The front and back panels can be painted in a variety of colours, from standard grey to the colour of your choice, so that COMPATTA Light always slots perfectly into your environment.    

Safety measures

The Safety measures

Safety for both personnel and materials    

Devices that ensure your safety

Anti-crush system


There is a locking system, located on the handwheel, which blocks the movement of the mobile shelving system with a block on a cogged wheel.

This system ensures that even if the structure inclines or moves slightly, the mobile bases will not unexpectedly move unless the system has been voluntarily unlocked or activated.  In addition it impedes the accidental closure of an aisle and prevents the operator from being crushed.   

Anti-tipping system


The wheels run along a “C-shaped” channel, which becomes an integral part of the base wheels.




Upper anti-tipping system


The carriages are fixed above each mobile shelving unit and run along a rail attached to a supporting metal profile.  This profile is anchored to the fixed shelving modules, or in the absence of these, directly onto the walls of the room or onto the ceiling.

Infra-red sensors and light curtains

electrical model only    

Safety light curtains located on the front and inside of the aisles, along the mobile bases, immediately halt the mobile bases if they detect the presence of an operator or any other type of obstacle.

Release button 

electrical model only    

To begin any movement of the mobile bases, the operator is obliged to push the appropriate button.   

Flashing warning lights and sirens

electrical model only    

These advise all operators that the mobile base units are in movement.  


Accessories that increase the protection and organization of the materials

Dust seal


This rubber seal isolates the material in the Compatta Light archive from powders and liquids of all kinds. The upper part is protected by a profile of angled sheet metal.

Sliding doors 


The last mobile unit can be fitted with a sliding door system in sheet metal which can be locked securely.

Locking system


The last mobile unit can also be fitted with a special lockable key system, which acts directly on the transmission system and blocks movement of the unit.

Label holder


The front panels are fitted with a sheet metal label holder, sealed at the bottom to hold removable and replaceable cards realized in PCV.

Safety measures


Quality is the norm.

- Quality Management System Certification which complies with EN ISO 9001:2015 
- Quality Certification for the correct management of the manufacturing process using welding EN ISO 3834-2:2005
- Certification for Environmental Management Systems compliant with EN ISO 14001:2015- Environmental Product Declaration ISO 14025
The certifications we hold show how much importance we give to the proper management of our production processes and the quality and reliability of our products, together with the utmost respect we hold for the environment.